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DSprings Media

Odenike St, Abule ijesha, Lagos, Nigeria   Get Direction

DSprings Media is the publisher of Christian books such as "The Power of the Blood In Spiritual Warfare", The Truth Is Highly Controversial Series by Emmanuel Kalu. visit our website for more information.  

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  • Calabar, Cross River State
    Odenike St, Abule ijesha, Lagos, Nigeria

The entire "Truth Is Highly Controversial Series" is a colossal blow on the clandestine programme of the kingdom of darkness in perfecting their version of the universal End-Time Agenda. The book of Revelation says God the Father handed the End-Time programme to Jesus, who in turn revealed the same to His servant John. The devil was neither found fit to partake in the unveiling process nor was he told when it will commence. As his manner is (counterfeiter), he has created a prototype of what he assumes will be the End-Time programme via the information gathered from the leaking spots in the Body of Christ as usual. Though Satan does not have the Truth, yet multitudes (majorly members of the Body of Christ) will still be deceived and channeled on the path of destruction with the devils lying programme. This series will expose in entirety Satan's laid down plan to achieve this aim.

This book, (“the Part IV” of this series which is also the “Book I” of a follow-up series) is dedicated to exposing the following global installations

-           The basal components of the mark “666”.

-           The possibility of getting the mark with or without your express bargain.

-           How to get the mark and how to stay clear of it.

-           The hidden Truth behind globalization

-           The clandestine programme of Social Network Providers.

-           The position of Facebook in the structure of the End-Time agenda.

-           How many already has the mark of the beast, etc.