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Author, Barry L. Hughes

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Author, Musician, Doctor of Chiropractic, and Lover of Life and Christ I love to write what I call inspired fiction. My first series, The B&L Show, is a fantasy pseudo-autobiography filled with biblical type-ography. My second novel, Conflict of Interest, is a salvation story set amidst the background of the US/Soviet conflict in Central America in the 1960's. All six novels are available on and Kindle.

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  • Barry L. Hughes
    Brazoria, TX 77422, USA

I've been a writer all of my life. From the time I was a young child and made up stories to entertain myself and my family until now, I have written short stories, screenplays, including the award-winning An Act of Random Violence, and now I am focused on providing secular-style fiction novels with the message of the Bible embedded within. Along the way I have written numerous contemporary christian and praise and worship songs and am currently part of the worship team at Victory Fellowship and Cowboy Church in Brazoria, TX. 

Conflict of Interest, is a fiction novel based on an experience my father had in Honduras in the early 1960's. This is an in-your-face look at a violent time and how it might have been confronted. The story pulls no punches and the people are crass and real as they encounter something they weren't expecting in the jungle while being pursued by enemy forces: salvation.

The B&L Showis a 5-book series that follows the adventures of two pre-teenaged brothers who are whisked away to a world of orange sun and orange people being manipulated by a being that represents the humanist perspective of God. The books follow along on their nearly 30 year journey on that world. 

1969 - Book 1, begins in July 1969 just before the younger brother's birthday ... and the Apollo 11 moon launch. In this volume the brothers meet the inhabitants of this strange world and the older, Barry, is carried off by a giant flying beast and dropped in the sea where he meets a band of pirate fishermen, a member of the French Underground from WWII, a real Spiderman, and finally the interdimensional being that considers himself a god in his own right, Morulus. Morulus shows the older brother a future where the world is consumed by monstrous ants, the Acanthinus, and commissions him to find a man who can save them all and bring him back to their valley.

The Long Way Back - Book 2, follows the exploits of the younger brother, Steven, as he searches for his brother along with a group of his friends. He soon finds himself fleeing for his life, into the wilderness where he meets tiny mountain dwellers, island-bound wild men, and giant talking wolf/bear/dog/guys, teaches his friends about Christmas and finally returns to their home after beign forced to take the long way back.

Searchers & Sugar Cubes - Book 3, regards Barry's quest to find and return the elusive Eliziah Crane. Along with him, he takes his brother, a princess, Sunny, and several of their friends. They encounter monsters, old friends and enemies, and and lose a valuable member of their troop. Love blossoms and in the end there is a wedding ... and an encounter with a Japanese Warlord from the 16th century, Oda Nobunaga. Barry carries a secret along with him that even Morulus doesn't realize - there is one other like him vying for freedom for the world of the orange sun.

The Things We Do For Love - Book 4.Following Barry and Sunny’s wedding and in order to fulfill Tortulus’ plan, Barry leads a mission to the far southern lands to either make peace with the Acanthinus or annihilate them. Complicating the mission is Sunny’s pregnancy and Barry’s insistence she and Crane go to the island with Oda Nobunaga for their safety. They are attacked by Butterflies, bitten by Tamales and Barry confronts Morulus in a final battle to wrest control of the world of the orange sun from him. 

Motivating Barry onward is his love for Sunny and his desire to keep the Valley and the Simi protected and free. There is a cost, but, will it be too high?

Bitter/Sweet - Book 5. Trapped by Oda Nobunaga after his dastardly betrayal, Barry is forced to face his grief. Darkness takes him and he thinks only of hate and revenge. But, a chance encounter with a tiny stranger leads him from the darkness back toward the light. As a result of the circumstances, he and Takeshima become estranged and Barry, Steven and Boabi leave the Valley for lands far to the East, past the Gulf of Tears and over the great Ocean where the group encounters even greater challenges and even more shocking revelations. In this, the final chapter of The B&L Show series, Barry confronts his true enemies, his darkness and overcomes his giants … and then stands face-to-face with Oda Nobunaga in a final battle for his own soul, his family and the people of the valley on the world of the orange sun. The lesson? Never assume anything.


My latest book, The Quakies, is soon to be published by Page Publishing. It is a coming-of age story about three 13 year olds coming to grips with reality when their teacher disappears on a camping trip.

Please feel free to check them out and to visit my blog site,