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Vincent H. Ivory


I am a poet, author, director, producer and screenwriter.  I also write a daily blog for believers and non believers called JUST DA TRUTH!!! I have recently completed my first debut novel entitled Word World.  It's an exciting sci-fi piece with an entertaining story and message about the power of WORDS!!!  The book is sure to leave you thinking long after you have walked away from it's pages.

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Imagine a place where everything is created and controlled by simply using the right WORDS?

Word World is an exciting and unique sci-fi novel about a research physicist named Jerry Jergensen who discovers a parallel world where everything is created and controlled by spoken words. After this discovery is revealed to the government and then the world, a mass exodus ensues to the new world as people seek utopia, but the ease and benefits of the new world are accompanied by difficulty and tragedy as people struggle to adapt to the unique laws and language barrier, proving perfection has a price.”

This unique and intriguing book is Vincent's debut novel and promises to excite and enlight while inviting you to a world where uptopia and dystopia is a matter of discipline and choice.




Modern science invents a portal to an Earth-like parallel world ready for colonization—but there’s a serious complication: in this new world, utterances become real.

Going through the looking glass? In author Ivory’s sci-fi parable, it’s actually a “Dimensional Mirror,” an array of high-speed rotating reflective surfaces and lasers, perfected at a Columbus, Ohio, research facility. The contraption allows maverick scientist Jerry Jergensen to create a doorway into an alternate universe. Through the portal there exists an unspoiled, Earth-like planet, complete with a handful of placid, humanlike inhabitants who share a collective mind.

But Dabar, as the place is called, comes with new reality. Careless words, lies, hyperbole—and especially anxiety and profanity (“hell,” in particular)—dangerously alter the very fabric of the place, leading to the deaths of many on Jergensen’s exploration teams. Only Jergensen is receptive enough to warnings by the Dabar natives; in an intriguing, subtle Christian evangelical touch, Jergensen is married to a sexy, avid churchgoer and groks from her mindset the literal importance of prayer. It takes a few more casualties, but a military-industrial colonization of Dabar is soon underway and Jergensen is in even further over his head. But have people really learned to control their baser instincts—not to mention their tongues—to make a better world?

Reading at times like a brainier, Rod Serling–esque version of Stargate’s movie/TV franchise, Ivory’s first novel stays nicely on-message and away from ostentatious genre insertions—nobody talks into existence, say, a Klingon battlecruiser. The result is a compelling what-if tale that delivers a satisfyingly wise finale.

Loose lips sink ships and worse in this intriguing sci-fi getaway. - Kirkus Reviews