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  • 22 Dec
    host by Heather Bates
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    Everyone is invited to come celebrate the release of "What Belongs To Us As Believers". Heather will be signing copies and offering refreshments. Plenty of copies will be on hand for Christmas gifts and a special discount will be offered that evening...

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"What Belongs To Us As Believers"


Visit for more information about Heather Bates, her family, and where she lives. Also see who has endorsed this book.

 Available in hardcover, softcover and e-book format.

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Heather Bates is an author, wife, mother of 6 and co-owner with her husband of two businesses. Her heart is for every person to realize what belongs to them through Jesus.

This book acts as a specific guide that will help you activate all the gifts God has already given you. It will take you on a journey through the Bible with references for every verse as Heather weaves her own personal story all throughout the book.


Every reader will relate to this inspirational new book!