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Antibacterial,Antiviral,Light Bulbs Pure

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    3113 Tennyson St NW, Washington, DC 20015, USA

Nature uses a process called Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysis where sunlight changes water molecules into super oxygen molecules that clean the air from deadly pathogens and toxic pollutions. This natural process is what keeps the earth’s atmosphere from being overpowered by disease and pollution. NASA is currently using a version of this technology to purify and clean the air on the International Space Station.

PURE-LIGHT TECHNOLOGIES™, has taken the Nature/ NASA technology, improved it, made it last longer and has adapted it to specially prepared light bulbs that can be used indoors or outdoors. We call it PURE-LIGHT SUPER OXYGEN TECHNOLOGY™.

Specifically, PURE-LIGHT TECHNOLOGIES™, using a new patent pending process that PLT developed, coats a light bulb with an ultra- thin, transparent coating of a new proprietary enhanced Titanium Dioxide formula (Z-TiO2 ) that reacts with light to produce super oxygen molecules that dissolve viruses, bacteria, mold and breaks down toxic VOCs. (Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is one of the more common elements in the world and is rated as inert and non-toxic (MSDS rating). Because it is non-toxic, TiO2 is used in a large variety of items including vitamins, cosmetics, food coloring, paint, and sunscreens.)

As air comes near the PURE-LIGHT coated light bulbs (approximately 8ft—12 ft) it gets cleansed of these bacteria, viruses, mold, and pollutants. The air also gets deodorized as well since almost all odors are an organic compound. There is also a secondary PURE-LIGHT effect on the surfaces of items near the light bulb, such as kitchen/bathroom counters, dishes, stoves, cutting boards, door knobs, etc.

The two special super oxygen molecules Pure-Light bulbs produce are called SUPEROXIDE (O2- ) and HYDROXYL ION (OH-). These two super oxygen molecules provide a triple "action"... two actions against viruses and bacteria, and another "action" against VOCs.