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Red Barn Art

Woodway, TX 76712, USA   Get Direction

Red Barn Art is dedicated to showcasing paintings, photographs, and unique designs that celebrate our everyday lives and the beauty that surrounds us.

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  • Central Texas
    Woodway, TX 76712, USA

As most people do, Susan Williams began creating art in childhood, continuing to develop her artistic skills over the years. When Ms. Williams entered college in 1978, her primary goal was to study English to pursue creative writing. After taking a painting class 'just for fun,' she was urged by the art instructor, a graduate from Pratt in NYC, to focus on creating fine art. With a penchant for exacting detail, Ms. Williams quickly gained commissions for portraits and other subjects in graphite, colored pencil and acrylic. Now after over three decades of studying and creating art, Susan Williams is developing knowledge in using technology to create art and design, as well as, capturing fleeting images with photography, and continuing to create fine art in oils, acrylics and other media, that, while mostly realistic, convey her unique impressions of the world around us. Please, contact the artist via email about purchasing originals or visit her shop RedBarnArt  Payment plans are available for the purchase of each original artwork. Please, share with all who might be interested.