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3347 Lubbock Dr, Hope Mills, NC 28348, USA   Get Direction

A unique website store that has premade designs and is available for customary designs. If there are any question contact me through

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  • 3347 Lubbock Dr, Hope Mills, NC 28348, USA

Hemisphere7 is a online store that was created by Brian Williams. The store is located on and is available for request for designs. If you want to purchase a premade art design that is already in the store, you can or you can send your requested design to this email here: The products ranges from tshirts to phone cases and even shoes. All these items are able to be customized with the art of your choice. Of course if you want a company logo or a theme for an even you can send you request to the email above. Please note that any design request not intended for the customary products from must be sent to the email provided.


Design request using Adobe Software (Illustrator CC)

Designs are made with Adobe software. The files are sent via secure email between the email provided and the client. Client can request a preview of the design before paying, but the file will only be either in png or jpeg until payment is made.


Design request using Zazzle website 

If the client does not have Adobe Software the design can be placed on a specific product such as a tshirt based on the store on the Zazzle website. If this choice is made then the product will always be readily available for purchase until otherwise.


The link to the store


Please Read:

Hemisphere7 is a online business only. Payments are currently done through PayPal outside of the website.