• Podcast: Website Mistakes That Hold You Back | Confidence Stealers Freedom Community
    Our latest podcast show for the Confidence Stealers Freedom Community discusses some of the website mistakes that business coaches are making, and therefore their clients are also making. For instance, not fully understanding the value of using keywords correctly is one of those examples. Listen to the latest episode on our main blog at: (If you use iTunes or Stitcher, you can also search for our show on those apps.) » More

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Confidence Stealers Freedom Community

College Park, GA, USA   Get Direction

We Enlighten, Empower, & Enable You To #MarketLikeAQueen & Stand Out As A Confident Industry Leader. Our Main Blog For the Confidence Stealers Freedom Community Is Located at

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    College Park, GA, USA

The team at has created the Confidence Stealers Freedom Community to enlighten, empower and enable you to #MarketLikeAqueen and stand out as a confident industry leader. We understand that our confidence comes from our trust in God's unwavering love and care for us. Our trust in God is made stronger and unshakeable as we continue renewing our minds and putting our faith into action. As we take faith action, we are obediently taking the risks that He leads us to take so that He can bless the whole world through our lives and businesses.

We provide events and services to support you in your journey to get free and stay free from hidden, sneaky confidence stealers (like fear) that hold back your business, ministry or organization from thriving the way that God has intended it to. These events and services include:

  • -- Video Podcast at
  • -- eMail Newsletter for Confidence Stealers Freedom Community
  • -- Facebook Group for Confidence Stealers Freedom Community
  • -- Audio Podcast on our Blog and on iTunes (ios) and Stitcher (android)
  • -- 5th Annual Market Like A Queen Conference on Monday 12/4/2017 (Attend by phone)
  • -- Quarterly Lean In Book Discussion Group at Fayetteville, GA's public library (Attend in person)
  • -- Market Like A Queen WordPress Queen Membership Group (Attend Online/Email/Phone)
  • -- Web Marketing Clarity Session with Needs Assessment  (Attend Online/Email/Phone)