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Kailo Training Institute


Kailo Training Institute is committed to helping adult learners acquire counselling skills rooted in Christian values to enhance Pastoral insight, wisdom, wholeness and growth. Kailo Training Institute teaches Biblical-based wisdom for ministry.



  • Education
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Kailo Training Institute offers adult education based on the principle of lifelong learning. Lifelong learning focus on learning that takes place in all contexts in life – formally, non-formally and informally. It includes learning behaviours and obtaining knowledge, skills, understanding, attitudes, values and competencies for personal growth, spiritual, social and wholistic well-being.

The underlying objectives of Kailo Training Institute aims to inform are to help learners to achieve their full potential through quality education, training and recognition of prior learning.

  • To encourage a passion for life and self-respect.
  • To maintain a participatory ministry ethic.
  • To provide a training culture in which learners can excel.
  • To treat others with respect and dignity.
  • To learn to accept and embrace change and challenges in life.
  • To mature in a dynamic relationship with God and to fulfil their God-given calling.


Kailo which means whole, uninjured or a good sign, and from which the English words health, holy and whole came. The kind of wholeness and health Kailo Training Institute envisages is found in Isaiah 61: 1-3

Online training institution based in Pretoria, South Africa.