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    Very good in Torah is Not So Good!

    Every day of creation was judged except the second day when the physical wall, the expanse of what we call the solar system and universe, was put between the waters of G-d's domain and the waters of man's domain. And we have another oddity... one day w
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    March 12, 2018
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We are a home ministry and Torah Hebrew Language coaches. We offer no cost materials and study support to any and all who ask. We also offer study of the book of Tanya, The Zohar, and the expansive book called the Samech Vav or "The 66" as in the fullness of the Word.

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    527 King Rd, Forestville, NY 14062, USA

Founded in spring of 2009, when the Lord asked us to open our door, we have perservered. We don't teach, we share what we know. We have but ONE Teacher and we let the Word speak for Himself.

The Aleph Bet is where we begin with every soul that comes to our door for help in learning Torah Hebrew. Aleph Bet is to Aba as the Christ is to the Word. Both our Father Creator and the Christ to the world are beyond the physical, yet are indeed physical. The concealed Father reveals Himself in the Aleph Bet. The Aleph Bet or Aba is the Father of the WORD. Where ever two our more Letters of Light are, there the WORD is. The Word is in the Aleph Bet and the Aleph Bet is in the WORD. To the Christian these last to concepts should ring like a bell. Yes the Christ is in the Father and the Father is in Him!

Each Letter of Light is a power of G-d... and EL or angel or messenger with one, single story to tell. Each Letter of Light has its own WORD concept identity and its own number value, thus when two or more come together their joined message becomes two witnesses which can stand as testimony in a court of law. We, you and I, are like the Angels or the Letters of Light, but we are higher than they because we are human. They have but one single story to tell, and we can have a multitude of eye witness acounts to testify to. The Letters of Light have one job to do, where we can wear many hats, praise the Lord, for we can together, do more than even the ink could do.

We have had children as young as 3 learn to read Torah Hebrew before they could read English! IF anyone every tells you the learning Torah Hebrew is difficult, they were taught in a religious school and not in a Torah observant and knowing home.

Every child that can read, will learn EVERYTHING they need to in the first HOUR. By the end of the second lesson plan they will be on their own reading and proving the Truth to be Truth on their own study of the Word rather than having to be spoon fed another man's translation of G-d's Truth.

Come, buy for free, the only cost is your time.

Sorry, no phone number to call. Our journey has no room for unsheduled interuptions  When we walk and fellowship together in the Word, the telephone will never distrub us.