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EPIC Real Estate Investors

4952 Seaview Ave, Castro Valley, CA 94546, USA   Get Direction

 I  engage people in the opportunity to learn to invest in real estate through world class education, local mentoring, and the ability to replace their income within months of starting. Ultimately we generate wealth that can be passed on to future generations. The key is being willing to alter the myths we have all been fed about money, work and retirement. (not a small endeavor)

  • Financial Planning
  • Real Estate
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  • San Francisco Bay Area, CA
    4952 Seaview Ave, Castro Valley, CA 94546, USA

We work with people in multiple areas.

  1. We are creating a grass roots organization that supports people in becoming successful real estate investors.
    1. We have an on-line education platform that includes over 400 hours of education in 7 areas of real estate
    2. Instructors are all people who are extremely successful in their field
    3. We teach how to buy investment real estate properly increasing the probability of success
    4. We create local investor communities that mentor people through the beginning stages of investing and work together on larger projects
  2. We support people in developing their own businesses investing in real estate
    1. Teaching what business structures to use when
    2. Teaching business finances needed to run a business successfully
  3. We educate people in financial literacy teaching:
    1. How to pay less taxes by creating a business
    2. How to pay less interest by learning to use financial tools to pay off 30-year mortgages in 7 to 10 years
    3. How to rearrange your finances so you have more cashflow for investing
    4. How to use retirement funds to buy real estate and make more than the stock market or bank savings products.
    5. How retirement is a cash flow phenomenon and not savings or age-related
  4. We offer people an income opportunity in marketing the education paying 50% commissions on the education allowing people to make income now that can replace their current job


I am looking for people who can see themselves, working for themselves within 1 to 6 months and retired in 5 to 7 years. Is this you?