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Red Shoe Pin LLC

Rhinelander, WI 54501, USA   Get Direction

The world's greatest influencers and leaders have a story to share and a platform to share their story. We created a line of Lapel Pins to give YOU a Platform to Share YOUR Story.

The Red Shoe Pin is a symbol of the relationship a person has with their Mom. Wear the Pin . . . Share Your Story. It's a way to honor our Moms.

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We ship throughout the U.S. and internationally

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    Rhinelander, WI 54501, USA

You have a story to share about your Mom. Start the conversation by wearing the Red Shoe Pin. When you share the wonderful memories you have about your Mom with someone else, you not only edify her and uplift yourself, but you brighten someone else's day. Go ahead and Share Her Story, Share Your Story.


Wear your Red Shoe Pin and it becomes a platform to tell the world your story. Edify others and watch how it brightens your day and makes someone else's day better - even if the person you are sharing with is a stranger.


When you see someone wearing a Red Shoe Pin, you can start a conversation with them about what their story is, or who they are thinking of when they wear this pin. And when you wear your Red Shoe Pin, get ready to tell your story!


Whoever you are, whatever your background, we all have a great story to share with the rest of the world. And the world needs to hear it. Go ahead, edify and build up someone. Share your story of what your life was like before you became a Mom, or how great your Mom was, or how your Dad was a war hero.