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Candy's Foods

2928 Breckenridge Dr SW, Decatur, AL 35603, USA   Get Direction

This is a line of BBQ Sauces taken from my wife's recipes.  Her line of sauces are the Candy's Q-Kick Sauces line.  They are Candy's Sweet Q-Kick Sauce, Candy's Smoke Q-Kick Sauce, and Candy's Triple Kick Q-Kick Sauce.

This venture allows for my wife's dream she had to share with others her love of life and cooking to be honored and fulfilled.

More details and store can be found at

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  • Decatur, AL
    2928 Breckenridge Dr SW, Decatur, AL 35603, USA

Her Q-Kick sauces are available online, and will be offered in various gourmet shops across the Southeastern United States.  There is also very interesting reading content on the website.  There is a blog that is regularly posted and stories of traveling around the United States which offers humorous glances of those trips and establishes connection with every state in the Southeast.